Reviews from our riders

Synergy Fitness and Cycle WNY offer great spin classes with very advanced and high quality instructors/trainers who really care about their clients. Every trainer and worker are super polite and make you feel welcome. The gym is super clean and very well kept up and I would recommend it to anyone.

Nick L.

The bikes were great, because they can be adjusted in so many ways. The workout was definitely challenging. The instructor was knowledgeable and the music was pumping. I appreciated the warm up and cool down along with the stretching at the end of the session.

Adrianne L.

Love the flexibility of the bikes (bonus that they’re not on top of each other) to either ride by color, RPM, miles, or watts!! The large screen with various scenery from around the world also makes the rides interesting and I absolutely LOVE the summary at the end of the rider where one can gage their success by amount of time spent in various colors, mileage, MPH, cals, etc… Not to mention the cold towels at the end of the ride 🙂

Kelly L.

The Saturday cycle/boot camp classes are great. ..they really kick my butt and I walk out of there feeling great 😁💪🏻👍🏻..I’d love to see the spinergy classes offered at 4:30 if possible.i know that’s not a good time for everyone but if there was a interest from some it would be great

Bonnie M.

My experience at Cycle WNY has been wonderful! The facility is beautiful! The cycling teachers are so friendly and lead great classes whether you are a beginner or experienced. I’m so happy I added cycling to my weekly exercise routine! On the days I cycle I have more energy throughout the day while feeling more relaxed! I encourage everyone to try it!

Joann M.

Loved it! Bikes are top notch. Classes are great…challenging and exciting! Only wish for the gym is for more people to find out about this beautiful place.

Kristen L.

I flet challenged and enjoyed the mixture of speed, hills, and recovery. The cool towels afterward are awesome!!! I feel tired and energized after the cycle classes. A great atmosphere for all levels of fitness.

Jean O.

I find Cycle WNY to be a great facility for spin classes. So happy to have Pat LaDuca back teaching classes The bikes are probably the most challenging I’ve been on It’s a great workout.

Jack J.

We absolutely love Cycle WNY! The classes are killer and an incredible workout! Pat is super motivating and outgoing throughout the class and leaves you sweating. I can’t recommend enough!

Marit J.

My experience at Cycle WNY was wonderful, exhilarating, sweaty (great ride) along with challenging. You’re breathless due to the workout but also want more for the personal challenge.

Chiquita F.

Taking a spin class at cycle wny was a very fun and challenging experience. For someone who is not too fond of running, spinning is the perfect way to get a good cardio workout. The bikes are really high quality, and all of the instructors I’ve had have been very uplifting and delivered a fun class.

Abbi D.

Tried Cycle WNY for the first time today after a 3 month hiatus from fitness since injuring my back..believe me when I say it was AMAZING! Best spin class I’ve taken hands down. Pat is extremely knowledgeable and was able to work around my injury as we went through the course. State of the art studio with impressive technology, highly recommend!

Courtney G.